Sunday, September 11, 2011

Free Birthday Samples ~ Canada

Okay all you crazy's a list of all the FREE treats you can enjoy on your BIRTHDAY~!!!

You get a free email coupon and a free sample surprize!!
DQ Blizzard Fan Club

A free sample birthday surprize!!!
Boston Pizza Email Club

Free Birthday coupons for gifts~!!
 Free Birthday sample~!!

Receive a coupon for a free sample smoothie and drink~!!
The OJ Quench Club

Special Birthday gift for children and coupons~!!

Free Birthday colouring pages~!!

A free 2.5 oz. scoop on your Birthday!!
Birthday Club

Special offers and coupons~!!
The Gift Of Play Club

Free coupons and promotions~!!
Denny's Rewards

Free Birthday Cookie~!!
Quiznos Toasty Club

Free regular sized smoothie on your Birthday~!!
Booster Nation

A Birthday greeting on your Birthday~!!
Giant Tiger Preference Center

Free FIRST year birthday cake in pink or blue only~!
1st Birthday Cake

Exclusive offers on your Birthday~!!
Perkins eClub

A buy one get one creation coupon~!!

Free pancake breakfast on your Birthday~!