Monday, September 12, 2011

DesignerLiners Review & Giveaway~!!

Muriel Wiener, one of New York’s most successful executives in the promotional advertising business, has made a career out of developing new concepts for both things that people know they want and for things they never realized they needed.

While recuperating from an accident that was so serious, she could barely see (even her eyeglasses didn’t help much), for the first time in her life, she needed help in the house. And, during the course of her daily activities, this misguided helper committed what for Muriel was the unimaginable…she stuffed a grocery bag into the waste basket.

 Even with limited vision and broken glasses she could see that there was a grocery bag in the waste basket, but something red and black was in the bottom, pretty; however, in Muriel's house a grocery bag in the trash is a definite no-no. Upon further investigation she saw it was a logo. Outrage set in, but then came the idea. Put a pretty pattern on the inside of biodegradable plastic bag, or a logo and "dress the mess". 
So from leopard prints to logos you can finally smile at your very own trash!!


- are fully biodegradable in 9 months to 5 years
- are fully biodegradable wherever they are disposed of  (where other things are biodegrading- anaerobically and aerobically).
- are recyclable
- can be made with recycled resins
- do not use heat, light or mechanical stress to break them down
- do not require special handling
- do not contain heavy metals

 They'll be happy to create custom designerliners for you! 

This is a practical and desirable way to put your logo, your crest, your old brand name or your new brand name on a brand new concept. Perhaps, like so many others, you have oversaturated your market with buttons, pens, hats, visors, T-shirts, umbrellas, tote bags… just to promote a company, sporting event, new brands and other important campaign.

My Thoughts~!!

When I first saw them I wasn't sure how to put them in...okay, so I'm a dork at times...but I use shopping bags in my cans...EEEKKK...I know...that's why I jumped on this chance to check these wonderful liners out~!
I thought my package of liners was black with polka dots but after reading the package it stated it was Navy's very very dark and my peepers aren't what they once were!!

However, they lined the canister nicely and looked great...the only downfall is that my bathroom is done in sands and browns so it kind of clashed with the decor...but I noticed they have loads of liner designs to choose from and if I had my choice, I'm thinking that either the Gold Gingham or the Orange Polka Dots would have been better for my decorum...LOL

All in all though, I thought they were groovy and if I could design my own I'd either have Mad Moose's on them or peace signs and flower power flowers...hehe

Now would you, my wonderful Mad Moosers, would you like to WIN a package of the Designerliners for your very own??  With Christmas coming up they sure would look snazzy dressing up your garbage canisters~!!

The bags come in ten different color/pattern combinations; Pink Polka Dot, Orange Polka Dot, Navy Blue Polka Dot, Red Gingham, Gold Gingham, Black Leopard, Blue Leopard, Red Toile, Blue Toile, and Black Tattersol. 

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.