Friday, August 12, 2011

Such A Nice Boy by Daren Krupa

Such A Nice Boy is a romance novel.

Alan Hovey is a man who has serious conflicting emotions when it comes to his sexuality.  He has had relationships with women, however, he enjoys sex with men, although he doesn't consider himself a homosexual.

Lindsey Ronan is a married woman and co-worker of Alan's who is just returning to work from a maternity leave.  She is in a loveless marriage and is sexually attracted to Alan even though she realizes his attraction to men.  This makes it even harder on Lindsey, as she once found her ex-boyfriend in bed with another man.

Alan also fantasizes about Lindsey and the two of them find themselves becoming closer to one another.  It doesn't help that Alan's friends and family are always hounding him to begin a relationship.  His mother has just about given up hope on her middle-aged son ever finding someone to settle down with.

Alan used to enjoy the one night stands but he comes to realize that he needs something or someone in his life to make him complete.  When he and Lindsey get closer, Alan must comes to terms with his commitments and the reason his relationships fail.

For a debut novel it was an okay read.  I had some difficulty had times with the dialogue, often it read as stalwart and trite and other times it was a jumble of randomness that didn't make any sense and had to be reread to understand the gist of the narrative.  However, as the book progresses the author seems to better control this aspect and the dialogue does become better placed.

I liked Alan, even with his neuroses and his hang-ups.  I thought he was likeable character even though he appeared disjointed at times. I was sorry to see all the bad luck that headed his way but enjoyed the emotions that he displayed with dealing with the stress.

The expletives are mild to moderate and this book would definitely be enjoyed by adults who are open to homosexual encounters.   It's worth a read to understand the exchange between the main characters and how the outcome was managed.

It’s the summer of 1999 in Denver. Alan Hovey is living the life he dreamed: sex with handsome, buffed, eager men. Except he isn’t gay. Made no difference until he crossed paths with female co-worker Lindsey Ronan and her infant son Morgan. He starts getting notions about Lindsey and being a heterosexual father whenever he’s holding Morgan. Lindsey is married but she’s afraid of Alan because of a traumatizing incident during college. At work Alan has become a pariah for having boldly stood up for himself. He draws the attention of Frank Lively, VP of HR, homophobic and deeply closeted. Frank tries to harass Alan into quitting. After Lindsey verbally demolishes him while shopping for making eyes at another, Alan meets a young man who says you’re with me because you’re mad at Lindsey. Alan becomes more confused after accidently seeing Lindsey at work with her blouse off, and displays a very obvious reaction. The path Alan follows and the choices he makes form the heart of a boy who at age forty two becomes a man. He crawls out of a family upbringing filled with death and chooses life. His coming of age is unique and compelling.

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