Friday, August 5, 2011

DVD Review: Quarantine 2: Terminal

Quarantine 2: Terminal is an action-packed thriller!

Best friends, Jenny (Mercedes Mashön) and Paula (Bre Blair) are stewardesses who prepare the plane for their passengers. As everyone embarks on the plane and settles in, the intrigue begins.

Co-pilot Willsy (Andrew Benator) has a cold, which he blames upon his dog. Preston (Lamar Stewart), a computer addict, has the sniffles and the movie sets you up with wondering who, between the two, is going to show symptoms of the virus first. If any of you watched the original Quarantine, then you will realize that the story is set during the same evening, hours after the apartment building has been quarantined.
With the anticipation building we learn of the other passengers on the plane.

They are heavy-set Ralph (George Back), who straps himself in with a seatbelt extender and asks for a beer; Henry (Josh Cooke), a teacher who is traveling with the class pet hamsters; the "mile-high" foreigners, Nicca (Erin Smith) and Hvorst (Tyler Kunkle); the pregnant couple, Nial (Phillip DeVona) and his wife, Susan (Julie Gribble); Louise (Sandra Lafferty) and her cat; Bev (Lynn Cole) and her invalid husband Doc (Tom Thom); Shilah the medic; and George the 13-year-old who is travelling back and forth between his parents.

One of the passengers becomes ill and demands to be let off the plane. From the moment they come storming down the aisle, all hell breaks loose and everyone is fighting to save their lives.

This is a very well-done sequel. It will make you jump, scream and your heart will be racing as zombies appear from nowhere and the frenzy their appearance causes will keep your adrenaline racing.

The makeup by Almost Human Inc.was exceptional. They really know how to paint up a zombie and their handiwork gives a creepy edge to the mutants.

There were a few issues with the directorion. Even though director John Pogue delivers the scares, the continuity of the story is often damaged with aspects of the film that make you wonder how and why certain things occur. Such as zombies grabbing hold of hand rails in order to run, how George got Henry's briefcase, the timing of the disease progressed quickly in some while in others it dragged as well, and it's not clear how some of the zombies got into the terminal when they are locked and barred behind a door. Though these incidents do occur, they do not damage the overall effect of the film.

The cast gave an amazing performance, especially Ignacio Serricchio, who was believable. As well, Mercedes Mashön's début as Jenny was above-board and between the two they brought an appeal to the characters that had you wishing for their survival.

The only other features included on the DVD were previews for upcoming movies. The run time is 86 minutes.

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