Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nestle's Chocolate Wrapper Brigade

This is a totally groovy idea~!!
I just HAD to share~!!

Each year millions of chocolate wrappers are needlessly discarded and end up in landfills. TerraCycle is proud to partner with Nestlé Canada to create a second life for used chocolate wrappers.

Every time you enjoy a Nestlé chocolate bar or similar product, they want you to save the wrapper and send it in and we will upcycle the material - along with packaging that is not used at the factory - into fun and innovative products.

Participation in the Chocolate Wrapper Brigade is simple and it’s completely FREE – all costs and shipping are covered by Nestlé Canada.  

Sign–up online today and the rest is easy:
  1. Once you sign–up to participate in the Chocolate Wrapper Brigade you will be able to order prepaid postage labels from TerraCycle.
  2. Collect enough wrappers to fill a collection box.
  3. Affix the pre–paid postage label and drop it off at a UPS Store or pick-up location. 
AND for each approved chocolate wrapper received, $.02 will be donated to the charity of your choice...this is a WIN WIN situation~!!

Check out the program and SIGN UP today~!!