Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keep Your Panties Up And Your Skirt Down by Dangerous Lee

Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down is novella of six erotic tales of safe sex.

This book contains several short stories about safe sex amongst African American males and females.  This is an educational and informative book educating the masses about sex and how to have the kind of sex you like while practicing safety measures that will keep you clean and free from disease.  Each of the stories is shared in a compelling and thought-provoking manner bringing awareness to the practise of unsafe sex.

Some of issues expressed are HIV/AIDS and STD's as well as the dangers, perils and outcomes of situations involved with those who practice unsafe sex.  They are shared with the reader in an informative, instructional and easy going manner.  Each of the stories have a value attached to it and a morally engaging ending.

The stories expressed therein are written with compassion, belief and substance.  They are written to make you think, to reflect and also as a reminder to take each situation and experiment with caution and safety.  The definitions shared as well as the theories expressed are written in layman's terms so that all who read the stories have no reason not to understand the message being shared.

I thought this was a different approach to discuss the sexual practices of people these days.  The stories shared are sometimes erotic, sometimes comical but each has a message that the reader will be encouraged to practice.  Keep Your Panties Up was written with creative and engaging stories that truly educate the populace. 

The message "safe sex every time, all the time" should be practised by everyone involved in non-marital sex.  My favourite story was "Self Love and Pain", in which a woman falls in love with a man who has tested positive with AIDS.  After getting to know him and his situation, she decides that their love is all that matters.  Dangerous Lee shows us in her writing that you cannot become AIDS infected by kissing, touching or having unsafe sex.  If you take the precautions, two people can enjoy their lives and their love and live with AIDS.  It was beautifully and endearingly written. 

If anyone has questions or concerns about sexually transmitted diseases, then this book should be read and shared.  If it wasn't for the erotica aspect of the novel, I would suggest placing this in doctor's offices and school libraries.  However, the mindset is such that this aspect would be expressed and the true message of the stories lost in hypocrisy.  This is a must read book for all those who believe it couldn't happen to them as well as those just coming into the sexual scene. 

Six Erotic Tales of Safe Sex African-Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population, but they account for 50% of new HIV cases. Read this book for ideas on how to have kinky safe sex!

Titles: The Safe Sex Kit, Past Life Blues, Self Love and Pain, Elderly and Edible, An Honest Ho, Dating Dangerous Lee.

Also includes: HIV Fact HIV Fiction Definitions

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