Monday, August 22, 2011

Back To School With Tiny Prints

What is memorable or momentous about this particular back-to-school season?
This year my 6 y/o son, 7 y/o daughter and 6 y/o grand-daughter will be attending the SAME school
My 14 y/o is beginning his high school daze...I don't think he's looking forward to it...LOL
School Year 2010
My son AND granddaughter are going to be in the same class~!!

My 7 y/o old is looking not looking forward to having math again...
Poor sweetie face~!

My granddaughter is looking forward to riding the school bus...

My 6 y/o son is looking forward to his friends...he hasn't seem them in years (his words, not mine..hehe)
 My oldest boy isn't looking forward to getting up THAT early...he is SUCH a sleepyhead!!
 I'm looking forward to them having a GREAT year and okay, I'll admit it...I'm looking forward to the quiet and the me time~!!

I don't mind the Back-To-School shopping frenzy...I love how the kids glow with their new BTS gear...and one place to check out for BTS shopping is...

They have some very groovy labels, stationary, planners, classroom art, activity cards and SO much more to choose from~!!