Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wallie Exercises by Steve Ettinger, C.S.C.S.

In the midst of a society dominated by technological advances (TV, video games, computers, cell phones,) the idea of a “couch potato,” has become alarmingly synonymous with the average American youth.

Founded in Los Angeles in the fall of 2008, Active Spud Press grew from an idea that it is possible to buck the trend and create a healthier, happier, more ACTIVE generation of children.

Now operating out of New York City, Active Spud Press is much more than just an idea. It is a publishing company specializing in picture books for children with an emphasis on health and fitness. By creating books and materials that promote exercise and nutrition in a fun yet informative manner, Active Spud Press is helping children become active and healthy.

With its first title “Wallie Exercises” due out in January 2011, Active Spud Press is excited at the opportunity to produce children’s literature that educates parents, teachers, and students alike.

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