Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Burf Day Baby~!!

Today is my sweet baby's 44th burf day~!!

I love and adore you and thank you for bringing your light to my life~!!

May ALL your burf day wishes be true for you Kevin~!!

Today, forever and ALWAYS~!!

Thank you for being a great dad, wonderful partner and a groovy friend~!!  I am blessed to have met you and to spend our time on Earth together~!!

If I could give you the moon, I would~!!
If I could get your music published, I would~!!

I would do ANYTHING for you...

Blow out the candles and make a wish my sweet prince~!!

And may we be BLESSED with many, MANY MORE of your burfdays~!!
My LOVE to you the moon and back and back again...xoxo