Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treasure Trove Tuesday ~ Week of January 12~18th

I won some Fever Bugz from

Living My MoMent

I hope never to have to use these...LOL

I won a $50.00 GC...thanx to...

Born 2 Impress

I can't decide on a throw blanket or a calendar...LOL

Won a 101 Joke E-Book from the fine folks at...

At The Fence

My son, Lucky and I are going to laugh soo hard...hehe

A Texas Instrument N-Spire Graphing Calculator...

Surviving A Teacher's Salary

Another one for Lucky...should be a groovy gadget for starting high school this year~!!

This wonderful DVD is going to help with the questions that Odin McBamBam ...Not~Quite~Right and Peaches'n'Cream have been asking lately~!!

bassgiraffe's Thoughts

Can't wait to watch it with them~!!

Please stop by these wonderful places and read some of their thoughts and reviews and enter one of the fabulous giveaways...you won't be sorry you did...