Friday, January 14, 2011

Freak Fun Friday #3~!!

Ketchup As Medicine??
 Yup...Yup...its so true~!!

It seems that back in them old of days folks once thought tomatoes were extremely poisonous because of their close association with Belladonna~!!

And some folks wouldn't eat them because tomatoes weren't mentioned in the Bible!  Rather then eat them, folks used them as decorations and centerpieces~!!  Many farm owners in the Americas couldn't get the populace to buy into the fact that tomatoes were harmless to eat...soo...
Tomatoes were introduced into the mainstream by touting it as a medicine before it became the delicious condiment we know and love today~!! 

In the 1830's a savvy businessman introduced a cure for baldness ...diarrhea...indigestion...liver problems...althelete's foot and everything in between~!!  
Hence, Dr. Miles Extract of Tomato was invented...

Quite truthfully...while it DOES have anti-oxidants that help fight'd have to eat an awful lot of it to get any benefits...the carotenoid called lycopene's found in ketchup are found in trace amounts...that's one heck of a pile of ketchup on your fries or burger~!!!