Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kleenex Hand Towel Review~!!

Kleenex Hand Towels

A clean fresh towel every time...

I was one of the lucky 3000 home product testers who were able to try this product and I was quite impressed...
I found that they were quite thorough in drying my hands and if your anything like myself, I reused them a couple of times before throwing them out!!  I found them to be absorbent and soft on the hands.   

As well, I found other uses for these wonderful hand towels...they are GREAT at soaking up the grease from home-made french fries.  As well as, wiping up spills that often happen especially in a house full of children...LOL    You can clean with them, crayon off the walls and dirt stains around the sink as well as being used in a pinch when you run out of toilet paper...yes, it happened once to Odin McBamBam...poor kid...but he said they were soft...LOL

The only problem that I had with them was the mounting of the just didn't work for us in the towel rack.  Sometimes if you stood up the wrong way you knocked it helter-skelter and ended up picking it up off the floor...maybe this worked for some people but it was a hindrance to us.  I would suggest as an alternate...put two strips of double-sided sticky tape to either side of the box and give that extra option in the mounting...and you can put it ANYWHERE!

**I was not paid in any way what-so-ever in the writing of this review...all ideas expressed here-in are my own and are they no way influenced by anyone or anything else!**