Monday, January 3, 2011

25 Things About Me~!!

25 Things About Moi...

1.  I was born dead.
2.  I am the oldest of three girls.
3.  I have 6 children, 3 boys & 3 girls.
4.  I have 1 grand~daughter.
5.  I play Dungeons & Dragons once a week...currently I am the DM of my own game.
6.  I love to read...everything & anything~!!
7.  I eat red pills...
8.  I love to dance even in public.
9.  My favourite colour is green.
10.  I am Canadian and absolutely ADORE my country.
11.  I am a Scorpio.
12.  Tecumseh & Erich von Daniken are 2 of my heroes.
13.  I love zombies.
14.  I smoke, but I never drink alcohol...ever...blechie~!!
15.  However, I drink Diet Pepsi like water.
16.  I am a retro girl living in a techno world.
17.  Classic rock is groovy music.
18.  I love playing board games.
19.  I hate doing the dishes.
20.  I have 1 dog:  Tsabi Sonavitch, 2 cats: Mary Magdalen Leopardo & Saqqara Cowcata, 1 Egyptian Uromastyx: Snake, 2 Red-Earred Sliders: Freddy & Velma, Several fish and a Crayfish aptly named Houdini.
21.  I ride a 1967 CCM Galaxie bicycle, painted green, with a side basket & yes...people often shout "Auntie Em!" or sing the tornado song...LOL
22.  I'm often told I look like Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) dad actually called me Xena Burke...said I also looked like Delta Burke from Designing Women...*shrug*
23.  I grow my own vegetable garden every summer.
24.  I am an empath & can "push"...tho' it makes me morally ill and I try never to use my "push".
25.  I will never be anything other than me.