Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why the Burger Restaurant Landscape is Changing

For a long time, the burger industry was based on a few fast food giants. When you thought of hamburgers, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s probably popped into your head. That mindset has changed quite a bit changing as new players moved onto the scene. Many people across the country are finding that they now suddenly have more appetizing and higher quality choices when they want to bite into something juicy.

While the average customer is a creature of habit, plenty of consumers are trying something new. This means that these stores are starting to challenge the fast food heavyweights. Many underserved areas are getting new restaurants, despite the recent economic conditions.

Five Guys is Surging
Though the first Five Guys location was opened in 1986, the organization has recently experienced record growth. Five Guys has over 1,000 locations were operating as of April 2012 across 40 US states and 6 Canadian provinces. With eggy buns and complimentary peanuts, this fast, casual restaurant famous for its great burgers has a lot to offer.

Five Guys has done a lot to separate themselves from similar business ventures, and that includes allowing customers to draw on note cards. Critics in the Washington D.C. area have long praised the company, and fans have a major presence online. Cultivating this following has helped make them so popular.

The Iconic In-N-Out Burger
As Five Guys expands west, they'll have to compete with the established and growing In-N-Out Burger chain. Since it's been in business for more than 60 years with a lot of history, the company has attracted a loyal customer base. By expanding into new areas outside of its California roots, it's really starting to grow.

In-N-Out Burger is admired for its treatment of customers. It's one of the few fast food chains that pays employees more than the minimum wage. This helps it to stand out from a variety of stores that aren't as respectful when dealing with their human resources.

Smashburger is on the Rise
Smashburger shares its name with the process they use to cook certified 100% Angus ground beef. Since they often server alcohol in addition to soft drinks and malts, they have been able to capture a segment of the market that's not well served in the world of fast food. The restaurant also markets regionalized burgers in different areas.

That could help them more effectively compete with local restaurants. By offering alternative sides like fried mild green chilies, Smashburger has helped to cultivate a unique image that stands out from the crowd.

With many Americans facing economic struggles in recent years, this trend towards more expensive, higher quality burgers is interesting. But after all, for a few dollars more, who wouldn’t want a great tasting, juicy filling burger offering a better customer experience that traditional fast food outlets.

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