Friday, August 3, 2012

Coaching Drills ~ Putting the Finesse in Sports~!!

Anyone who has ever played in team sports is fully aware of coaching drills and how advantageous they can be to the sport in which you participate in.  Coaches and their drills are synonymous with the sports in which they are teaching.  A good coach will have every tool in his/her repertoire in which to try and successfully put their team in the winner's circle.

Coaching is a teaching/training process in which individuals/teams get support while they are learning to achieve their sporting goals.  Not every coach teaches in the same methods, some use visuals, some wish to improve physical or mental skills and other believe in working with their team in order to better themselves and their efforts in order to move forward from their present situation.

Coaches and their drills are often kept as highly guarded secrets as I remember when my oldest daughter was in competition dance and whenever we attended competitions, other coaches would possessively guard their dance drill techniques from other dance schools.  You were not allowed to bring video cameras into the auditoriums for fear of "stealing" another coaches drill secrets and incorporating them into your own style.  The wild eyed looks on some of the dance coaches and the threats that could ensue are something not uncommon in competitive fields of sports.

A successful team has a coach who knows their stuff, who applies their drills with finesse and brings awareness to the team through their own styles and techniques.  They do research and try through trial and error what drills work for them and which do not.  If you are a coach who is looking for drills, there are many places online which can accommodate such requests, they offer tips, tricks, techniques and customer support for all your sporting needs.

Coaching drills are a language in which coaches use to help their teams from where they are to where they want to be.  A coach teaches and supervises, moving everyone with direction, instruction and training.  It is assumed that a coach knows more than their players as well as having more experience and training while maintaining their own rules and regulations while keeping team spirit alive.

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