Thursday, August 16, 2012

#FREE Blogger Opportunity ~ Glass Hand Bag #Giveaway Sign~Ups~!!

Glass Hang bags have these unique Light Up Luxury Handbags that are currently a "Hot" Ticket. These bags range up to $900 ea.

This awesome giveaway will take place Sept 1st - Oct 1st. This giveaway will be open Worldwide~!!

The Owner of this company has offered to sponsor this giveaway with a winners choice. Which means the winner can pick out their bag of choice. This giveaway will also be a giveaway hop which means 2 other amazing hosts will be giving away a Glass Handbag on their websites. Which is a win win and tons of new followers for all.

If you are interested in hosting this giveaway please follow the few rules that are asked of you.

1. You will receive one free Facebook link in exchange for your help in promoting this giveaway.

2. Bloggers must have at least a 1000 fans on Facebook to participate.

3. The sign ups will end on August 30th.

4. You may purchase additional links at $2

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