Friday, May 24, 2013

Cool FREE Music for Children ~ Download the Wander Round the World in Summer 2013 Road Trip Playlist~!!

It’s almost time for the annual phenomenon known as the summer road trip. Whether you’ll be traveling to see grandma and grandpa or simply packing for a music festival, you will have to find creative ways to keep the kids happy and your sanity intact. SiriusXM's "Kids Place Live" Channel offers continues musical goodness 24/7, of course, and today we want to offer you something special... Free tunes!

From May 24 to June 1st, a FREE DOWNLOAD summer road trip playlist featuring 13 songs for all-ages listening. 

Simply go HERE to listen and download 39 minutes of travel-friendly music.

WOW...FREE music...and its very catchy too...I know I'm downloading the set for my the Train Song and Outshining Nomads...groovy tunes~!!  

Enjoy your road trips this summer~!!

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