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5 Great Anti-Aging Tips That Don't Come From A Bottle~!!

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Growing old gracefully is an idea that seems to have disappeared within the last few years. With the rise of plastic surgery and increase in sun bed users; it is easy to see how this theory has become lost in a world of leathery skin and stretched out faces.

1) Drink Water
The first tip for anti-aging is: never underestimate the power of water! Drinking eight glasses of water a day is proven to flush waste out of our systems and rehydrate the skin. Sixty four ounces is the minimum required daily, yet most people barely reach four. Another fact that goes hand in hand with drinking water in helping you look better; is sleep. Between six to eight hours is the average amount of sleep that an adult needs to function well, and look fresher as a result.

2) Exercise
Exercise is a simple yet effective anti-ageing tip that can cost absolutely nothing! Firstly, it reduces your risk of obesity, which in turn reduces your risk of heart disease and some cancers amongst other ailments.  It also is brilliant in reducing stress levels and improving circulation, which will make your skin look instantly healthier and more glowing.

3) Stop Smoking
The second leading cause of premature wrinkles is cigarette smoking. Smoking over a long period of time also leads to yellowing skin and rotting teeth. However, the leading cause of wrinkles is over-exposure to UV rays, with sunbeds being a leading cause of cancer. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 helps protect your skin from the rays that would make it appear old and leathery.

4) Eat a Balanced Diet
An important part of keeping your skin looking healthy by natural means is your diet. Oily fish are proven to help your skin as they act as an anti-inflammatory, and are also proven to lower the risk of heart disease. The high water content in vegetables will also help your skin glow.

5) Cut Down On Makeup
Something that may prove to be a serious problem to many women- but that would definitely help you stay looking young- would be to ditch the slap! Most foundations clog your skin, making you more prone to spots, as well as settling into wrinkles, making them appear more noticeable. Also using too many moisturizers to clean your face can actually do the complete opposite! Using a simple combination of warm water and soap can clean your skin more efficiently than all of those bottled cleansers.

Using all of these tips are bound to make you feel and appear younger. However, if all else fails, a sure-fire way to maintain healthy skin is to slip on a pair of dolce and gabbana glasses. Protect your eyes from the sun, and look great whilst doing it!

Do you have any tips and tricks for growing old gracefully? Share them in the comments below!

Charlotte di Placido is a self-confessed beauty addict who admits to spending the majority of her wage on products- and writing about those products for Valley Optics

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