Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mentored By The King by Brad Brewer

Most people think of Arnold Palmer as the King of Golf. But for more than a quarter century, Brad Brewer has known and observed Palmer in the roles of employer, business partner, teacher, competitor, father, grandfather, philanthropist, global celebrity, and above all, friend and mentor. Now Brad passes on the wisdom that he and others have learned from Arnold Palmer.

Mentored by the King shares with you the true stories of other golfers who have competed with Arnold Palmer through the years, as well as Brad Brewer's personal accounts of traveling, working, and just hanging out with Palmer. Best of all, though, this book lets you learn from the winning attitude and approach of the legend of the links, Arnold Palmer, in golf, business, and life. Discover... ...some deceptively simple principles that can change your life ...the magnetic attraction of excellence ...the power of an optimistic outlook ...why risking big is the ticket to living even bigger ...the life force of victory: persistence ...and plenty more.
Mentored by the King lets you step inside the mind and life of the King of Golf, Arnold Palmer, to glean insights that can boost you own trajectory toward a successful, satisfying life.

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