Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chique Secrets Of Dolce Vita by Barbara Conelli

Chique Secrets Of Dolce Vita is a tale of travel and life stories about the exceptional women of Milan and living dolce vita.

Author Barbara Conelli shares with the reader the life and people of Milan, Italy and its surrounding countryside.  Portions of the novel deal with the historical aspects that have created the beauty that is unsurpassed in Milan.  We learn that the women who make up Milan are the cities life and strength and the city shines as a glorious woman herself, with many hidden facets, all waiting to be explored.

Dolce Vita is a bohemian lifestyle, where one is free to express themselves as wish as long as it harms no one.  There is no rhyme or reason to living dolce vita other than your own character and style that creates the essence of you.  In Milan, Como, Bellagio and other quaint and charming places around the seaside of Italy, you will learn of its history, from its renaissance artists to its famous wines to the expensive spice of Saffron just to name a few.

You will hear of her people, her delicacies, and the heartbeat that continues to breath throughout the land: the etiquette, the chique, the rich and the poor all intermingle with one another, blending together a tapestry of life that will leave you wanting to pack your bags and experience the lifestyle of those who call Milan their home.  It will leave you wanting to live your own dolce vita!!

I thought this was a very easy read, that was told with much delight and spontaneous life.  I found myself smelling the seashore and tasting the pastries being described.  I could almost feel the silk brush against my cheek and smell the smoke from the cigarettes that waft through  the air.  The words are encouraging and heart-warming which leaves you yearning to live dolce vita. 

Until reading this book, I had no idea such a term was penned.  I have always believed life would be so much more simpler if we all lived as we choose, as long as it hurt no one and to find dolce vita left me with a warm fuzzy knowing that there are people in this world who are experiencing exactly what I wish for us all to!  To live as a woman and not have to worry about sexual overtures, unless you warrant such, the free flow of womanhood can really be celebrated in such a setting and I think everyone should taste such.  This book took me to that place I needed to go and I recommend this book for a little escape, for a little wonder and for remembering that we all need to live dolce vita!

To live a dolce vita means living with an open heart and soul, indulging in life with all your senses. It means having the eyes to see real beauty, having the nose to smell intoxicating scents, having the ears to hear dreamy sounds, having the mouth to taste delicate flavors, having the body to perceive soft sensations. It means being aware of yourself, of your emotions and desires. It means finding happiness in ordinary yet unique things.

There is a place where you can learn all this. A place scented with saffron where you can find a natural paradise among houses with flaked paint, where famous artists play on the streets, where men have not forgotten how to pay compliments, and where women seductively swing their hips. It is a place where people take the art of dolce vita to perfection. Where you can enjoy little pleasures, live every day as if it was your first and last, breath in the air of true freedom and be whatever and whoever you want to be. In this place, where the real Italian heart is still beating, where people are delightfully vain as well as childishly honest, and where passion is more than just a word, you realize that living the sweet life is not as hard as it may seem.

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **