Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Swimming – The MVP of Workouts~!!

It is far too easy to give an excuse for not exercising.  It hurts your joints, it bores you, or it may not  yield the results you're after.  Want to know a secret?  These excuses may apply to any exercise, minus one: swimming.

Swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise and not simply because it burns a certain number of calories.  For the elderly or the workout newbies, swimming is extremely soft on your muscles and joints.  Now, this doesn't mean you won't get sore, rather, that soreness will result in strength rather than agitated arthritis. 

One of the most key ingredients to a successful workout is fun.  Having fun keeps you motivated, acts as an encourager, and keeps your spirit healthy.   Who doesn't love to spend their summer days outside in the cool water?  During the winter months, a heated indoor pool can be equally refreshing. 

One of the greatest aspects of swimming exercises is that it works a vast number of muscles rather than a few specific ones.  It is a full body workout without having to know a hundred different moves and stretches.  And if you have ever spent the day at the pool or beach, you understand how it can work up an appetite.  This is just one example of its calorie burning capacity.

Below I'll give you a few exercises you can try out for yourself. They are all easy on the body, yet tough enough to tone every problem area.

It's a no-brainer that the easiest way to start is simply by swimming laps.  However, swimming is a totally different style of exercise so it will take some time for your body to adjust.  Keep the exercise simple at first.  Starting out too hard and too fast can cause you to become discouraged and quit. 

For the first few weeks of your training, swim four laps in your pool.  Stop to rest and catch your breath for 30 seconds in between each run.  Do this simple routine ten times.  If this is too easy or difficult, raise or decrease the amount of laps you swim each time.

For a resistance workout, walk or jog in waist deep water.  Once again, the water causes your muscles to work harder than walking or running on a flat surface.  Even though your muscles are working harder, the water is also acting as a cushion for your joints. 

The best exercise is always fun.  Grab some friends and play any kind of sport in the water.  Volleyball, basketball, even keep-away offers twice the calorie burning opportunities.  Not only does the water resistance make your body work harder, but playing the sports alone is one of the best ways to get your work out without dreading the work.  Because you are having fun and sharing the exercise experience, you will automatically be working harder because you have a goal in mind (that is, winning).

Swimming is one of the best all-around exercises.  It is an activity that is gentle on the joints, thus fitness enthusiasts of all ages may participate, yet it challenges the entire body, thus a simple way to tone from head to toe.

Natalie Parsons is a professional blogger that provides information for fitness center locations, health and finding workout routines that work for you. She writes for Fitness 19, a top fitness center in Springfield MO. including many other locations.

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