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Honeymoon Do's and Don'ts~!!

Planning the wedding is time consuming and hectic. Planning the Honeymoon doesn’t have to be. While the wedding is really the Bride’s forte, the Honeymoon should be left up to the Groom. Depending on the age of the couple and whether or not it’s a first or second, or daresay a third marriage really will dictate a lot of what you plan but for grins we are going to deal with a second marriage here. However, it should be noted the basic rules are the same. And the gift at the end of this column will also be the same.

A Honeymoon does not have to be expensive but it will cost more than you planned. The Honeymoon should be done in two parts; 1) the wedding night, 2) the trip. The first is extremely important and few people get it right but the most important thing to remember, believe it or not, is how far you travel for the wedding night.  
Resist the temptation to start the honeymoon by driving to the dock and getting on a ship for your cruise. Resist the temptation to jump on a plane that first night and fly to Hawaii. Resist the temptation to party late and drive two hours to the hotel. Above all stay locally for the first night. The reasons are many and so simple but the biggest one is you will have your entire lives together. You only get ONE Wedding Night. Even if you’ve been together for some time the wedding night itself remains special.

Driving two hours after a big party takes a lot out of you and puts a damper on the excitement. Jumping on a ship after waiting in line and getting luggage on board will kill any wedding night and a long plane ride is not ideal for that special evening you will spend with your new spouse.

Spend the first night in a local hotel and plan on staying just one, maybe two nights. The drive will be short and therefore not tiresome. Most local hotels above a Motel grade will have some sort of special suite for such occasions. Pick a really nice hotel no more than 30 minutes away you’ve never been to before except maybe for dinner. If it is close to the water, an ocean or a river or lake, even better. The sound of waves makes for a wonderful night.
A week beforehand visit Target or another nice chain store and head directly to the candle’s department. Pick out a nice selection of scented candles with smooth smells. It will cost you less than $20 and the romantic rewards will comeback to you ten fold.

Next visit the music department. Resist selecting something hot and hip but rather find some old romantic standards. A CD of Barry White is incredible. The movie “Ten” highlighted Ravel’s Bolero which is wonderfully erotic and anything today by Andréa Bocelli is as romantic as it gets. If your lady likes Sinatra, Jack Jones or others from before 1970, go for it. If more modern music is called for then reach into that group. The bottom line is the music should be smooth, warm, erotic to a degree and romantic. Nothing by Michael Bolton. I’ve yet to find a woman who says he’s romantic.
Champagne is okay but for a somewhat better mood setter try a smaller bottle of a sweet sparkling wine. Asti Spumante is a favorite. The Groom should get a small carrying case and pack the wine but ask for an ice bucket when you arrive. The key to a small bottle is it chills very quickly in an ice bucket, mere minutes. You should also pack the candles with holders (something nice not plain), two champagne flutes, matches, fresh fruit including berries (strawberries if possible), whipped cream (can is fine and can be fun later) and a selection of nuts, chocolates, two water bottles (if not provided in the room) and fruit juice. You won’t be drinking wine all night long and you will get dehydrated. And don’t forget the toothpaste and your toothbrush. Get a second one in case she forgot hers. She’ll love your for it.

While most of the rest should be left up to your imagination there are some things which you will want to think about ahead of time. The Groom should purchase some small piece of jewelry. Yes, you just gave her a diamond wedding ring. She expected that. Do you really want to make sure she remembers this night fondly? The best choice is a necklace. You can put it on her right away and you can be sure she’ll still be wearing it in the morning.
The important thing is to be creative, caring and aware of your partner’s desires and fears. Allow things to come naturally and keep it romantic. The fun has just begun.

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