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A little known story of the heroic efforts of the small village of Solomon's Island to waylay the British fleet after they burned the public buildings in Washington, D.C. during the War of 1812. This historical fiction accurately explains the events of the invasion of Washington and the bombardment of Fort McHenry.

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For her ninth novel, Ruth Francisco brings us a WWII saga, based on the true story of Camp Gordon Johnston, an amphibious training camp on Florida's desolate Gulf coast. It is a tale of young men on the brink of war and a country on the brink of civil rights, a tale of soldiers and officers, daughters and mothers, death and redemption, and a man unyielding in his integrity, compassion, and struggle for justice.

Here, in this harsh but mystically beautiful land, twenty thousand young recruits test themselves to the limit in love and combat; politicos and tycoons offer aid with one eye to profit; women patrol the coast on horseback, looking for German subs; a postmaster's daughter, the only child on base, inspires thousands with her radio broadcasts; and a determined woman bravely holds together her family and the emotional soul of the camp.

But when Commanding Officer Major Occam Goodwin discovers a murdered black family deep in the forest, he must dance delicately around military politics, and a race war that threatens the entire war effort. Amid tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the soldiers and their country hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to find his destiny.

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The years after the Norman invasion of England were filled with strife and hardship yet through it all a couple’s love for each other shines like a light through the years.

Illiata, a Saxon maiden, awakens to the sound of Norman soldiers attacking her village in the year 1074. By strength of will and determination to survive, she escapes the marauding soldier’s clutches. In doing so, she is seen framed by flickering torch light against the night sky by Renée, a Norman Lord’s son. Unfortunately, Renée is powerless at that time to stop the soldier’s rampage and does his best to stay out of the way while trying not to give Illiata away to the soldiers. Illiata sees the young Lord at the same moment and from that time on; their lives are inextricably intertwined forever.

The day after the attack, Illiata and her father bury her mother and young brother and attempt to organize what is left of his workshop and their home. A little later as she sites on the front step creating a lace shawl, the wife of the Norman Lord sees her work and is quite impressed. So much so she purchases a completed shawl and discusses the possibility of Illiata joining her household as a seamstress. However the Lady is Renée’s mother and the appointment enables the two of them to spend some time getting to know one another. Unfortunately, his mother sees the possibilities and disapproves leading to many unfortunate adventures for Illiata.

But Renée is not able to help Illiata as he is attempting to prove himself to his father, the Lord. This approach results in Renée being sent to Normandy to oversee family lands leaving Illiata to fend for herself. Does Illiata re-connect with Renée? Or will they be separated for the rest of their lives?

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When being abducted once, is just not enough.

Langley Garret's Sunday morning starts very badly after waking with a hangover and a depressed feeling of worthlessness, along with a foreboding sensation in his gut. With his wife working away yet again, and the realisation that their marriage is probably very close to an end, and that his life is slowly ebbing away, he ponders his misfortune.

As he decides to start accepting that his life just couldn't get any worse, over his breakfast of coffee, cold pizza and orange juice, it does, when his miserable, quiet and lonely Sunday morning is interrupted by a woman with 'Eyes That Could Kill', and who has orders to abduct him.

Within hours of being questioned, captured, drugged and restrained, he finds himself dumped onto a small remote island, with no idea at all why he was taken bodily from his apartment on a tranquil Sunday morning, or why he is sitting alone on a rock, with only his suitcase and a pleasant view of the sunrise across the water for company.

As with all mysteries, it takes some time for Langley to learn a little about why he was abducted, but before he has time to start digesting that limited knowledge, his second abduction a few days later has him totally confused, and all at sea.

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This is the story of the people of Beckonback, a quiet farming village situated at the far reaches of its country’s limits.

 In 1786 the village is invaded and its inhabitants are driven from their homes. Their hopes rest with just one man.

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Seducing A Mermaid:
Sam Vanikey is under tremendous pressure.

His new gallery opens in less than a month and he has yet to produce any art in over a year. His inspiration is gone after leaving Angie and depression threatens to rob him of the life he loves. Sheila, his supportive sister sequesters Sam on an exclusive island getaway off the coast of Seattle.

Getting his life back together is his goal. As he relaxes on the beach searching for relinquished insight, something happens. This sends Sam into a series of unforgettable events. It will test everything that is important to him. In the end, will Sam claim his much needed inspiration and become the all aspiring painter he dreams to be? Or will fate decide?

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Sixteen-year-old Samantha Beckett and her friend, Charley Neilson, are walking home from school when they find themselves being chased by two strange looking boys in a white van. Racing through backyards and under hedges, they finally shake their pursuers, only to run into Captain Bartholomew Jones, a man who claims he was sent to deliver Samantha to her mother, the woman who abandoned Samantha at birth.

Obsessed with the idea of finding her mother, Samantha agrees to go along with Jones, so long as Charley can accompany them. Trudging through the woods near her home, Jones leads them into a ring of mushrooms and thrusts a silver spoon into the ground. When the bright lights fade, Samantha finds herself in a land unlike any she has ever known, a harsh world of swordfights and sailing ships, a world without electricity or running water and filled with people who seem intent on killing her.

To find her mother and discover the reason for her abandonment, she and Charley will have to escape kidnappers, race typhoons and battle monsters. As they both soon learn, only the quick and the strong survive long on the other side of the map, in a place called Neverworld.

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To Call Down The Thunder:
Bronwyn lives in two worlds - the world of the village and the world of the forest. She often wonders whether either world is a perfect fit. Growing up as the daughter of a Forestwife (a woman whom some would call Witch) did not prepare her for life in the village as servant to a girl nearly her own age but far above her station.

When her mistress finds herself in peril, it is Bronwyn, along with her old friend from the wood, a prince and his dearest friend, who must save her. Along the way they find help from faeries, ghosts and the very gods and goddesses themselves.

Will the magic of memory and friendship be enough to help them see past their differences and carry these unlikely saviors to their goal?

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Dolphins of Expdor:
Timothy Shore, a yellow, fourteen year old 'talking' dolphin, gets sucked into a whirlpool adventure to save his city 'Expedor' from certain destruction. With the guidance of the Wizard Whale he takes a breathtaking journey, as he battles the evil queen and her dark guard Theevil, taking him to the shores of our world. All of humanity do not want to help and embrace him however, for some are aware of the vast lake of oil which lies beneath Expedor. But with the help of Professor Hucklebuckle, Holly, Friends of the Earth, and not to mention the President of America, Tim's mission gets all the help he could have wished for - but will this be enough..?

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Remnant Of The Beast:
Beauty broke the spell by falling in love with the Beast, and they lived happily ever after. For Elise, her friends, her father, and every other citizen of Colmar, the story was a fairy tale created by the older generation to help little children sleep at night without fear.

But, forty years after Belle and over sixty years after the curse, the legend becomes a haunting reality once again. Joined on one side by Marshall, who is possessively in love with her, and joined on the other side by her invalid friend Patric, who Elise feels she must protect, Elise never thought she would also befriend the prince and take her own place in the fairy tale.

Unfortunately, the return of the Beast means more than finding beauty and love among ugliness and hate. The Beast has real-life consequences that result in misery, confusion, and suffering, and the return of the Beast means Elise must choose who and what she cares about most and must discover whether, like her predecessors, she can tame the Beast.

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Wychwood ~ Winter's Child:
Dr Lucis Ferre is a dashing, debonair heart surgeon, the man of fragile Ellis Harwood's dreams. Falling under his spell, she soon realizes things are not as they seem. Lucis has a heart of darkness, forged in the foundry of his secret occult practices. On a harrowing winter's night, Ellis' life is hanging by a thread, as the dream brutally becomes a nightmare.

Does Ellis have an Angel waiting in the wings to offer deliverance from the evil doctor and sanctuary from his cruelty?
By a twist of fate, Ellis finds herself in the Hamlet of Wychwood. It is a place where the veil between worlds is gossamer thin, nothing is quite as it seems and magic abounds. Enigmatic Peter Cabot, local country Doctor and Hepzibah, his eccentric housekeeper, set about healing her battered body and bruised heart. But the malevolent Lucis has unfinished business.

Will Wychwood weave its magic spell, or will Ellis choose to go back to her evil husband…. A choice must be made…..

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An ancient fundamentalist organization has chosen to lash out against its enemies by conducting several attacks simultaneously across the globe. One of the assaults unleashes a deadly virus within the Pentagon. When the virus mutates beyond anything the terrorists expected, the nation’s capital is plunged into a violent zombie outbreak that threatens to infect everyone in the region. A desperate attempt to stop the potential global epidemic backfires as the infected survive a brutal pre-emptive strike and continue to wreak havoc on the human population when they reemerge from the bowels of the ruined city.

Grayson Donnelly, a former Army officer who is stranded in the Midwest during the outbreak, is forced to fight for his life and for the survival of his adopted community while his fiancé, Emory, is trapped in the Washington, D.C. quarantine zone. She struggles to come to terms with her own survival while living in a government-operated refugee camp just outside of the city. In a nation that is nearing anarchy as the terrorists’ heinous scheme takes on a life of its own, the two of them must learn to adapt and do whatever is necessary in order to survive.

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Her Dark Eyes:
A beautiful black panther is stalking Flora Lee. Yet this animal can't be real, can it? Infact, it a symptom of Flora's recently diagnosed eye disease – a condition that is potentially disasterous because Flora is one of Britain’s most celebrated artists.

Her consultant at the eye hospital, Max, is as fascinated by Flora's cat-shaped hallucinations as he is with Flora herself. He introduces the famous painter to his odd hobby - hunting for ABCs (Alien Big Cats) - by taking her to track a mystery beast with his friends from 'CatFlap', an eccentric group of 'cryptozoologists'. Although the expedition fails to find any trace of an ABC, the trip is brought to an abrupt and violent end by a savage attack on Max's wife by an unidentified assailant.

Returning to the zoo, where she is engaged as Artist in Residence, Flora discovers a half-wild teenage girl, Lou, hiding in her studio. Lou implores Flora to help her become a painter and the artist can't resist the challenge. There are many extraordinary things about Lou but the most astonishing is that she is stone blind; Lou paints by smell and by touch and produces stunningly visceral works.

At first, Flora is intrigued by Lou - empathising because of her own eyesight problems - but soon she is emotionally overwhelmed, and so obsessed that she decides to share her residency and hang Lou’s pictures alongside her own in the climactic exhibition to mark the end of her residency at the zoo. As the opening approaches, however, and Flora becomes more and more infatuated, Lou's motives seem increasingly menacing, and her relationship to Flora's 'imaginary' black panther becomes more mysterious and disturbing.

This dark, imaginative and sexy thriller, written with great insight into the art world by fine art photographer Alex Korvy, is an exploration of deceit, jealousy and betrayal that will haunt the reader long after the final page is turned.

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The Dark Beneath Its Skin:
The Dark Beneath its Skin, is a teenage and above horror - fantasy novel, that is mainly plot driven and a one off stand alone story with no prequels or sequels. It has a couple of character revelations along the way that change the viewpoint and give it some twists. It does have a minimal amount of swearing and violence and has been rejected by ten publishers, but I hope one or both of those facts will not be enough to put you off reading it.

The main character Lucy, a fifteen year old is instantly obsessed by the strange red cherry tree at the bottom of her new garden. She feels there is something evil and malevolent about it and that it's trying to draw her to it so it can control her. Even more so when a strange, single, black cherry appearing at the top of the tree, and bad dreams add to her obsession, one that is beginning to take over her life, and those around her begin to notice the slow but strange changes in her behaviour.

These changes start to cause conflict between Lucy, her mother, her younger brother Jack, and even her new boyfriend Dean, when she insists it's the tree making her act out of character. But they think it ridiculous that a tree can be evil and it's just her way of trying to come to terms with the loss of her father the year before, and her rebelling against having to move to a new house and school.

However, one evening when John, the eqaully uncharacteristic vicar of the church that is just beyond the graveyard at the bottom of her garden, and Dean, are unexpectedly invited to tea, she takes the opportunity to once again convince everyone that the tree is evil. All it does though is convince all but one around the table that she needs professional help when her behaviour in front of them finally pushes her mother's patience to the limit.

Lucy is just about to be sent to her room when John suddenly stands and states that she may not be inventing these things after all, and that there is some truth in what she says about the cherry tree. But when Lucy and her mother return to the table and he explains to them that the tree is indeed a vengeful incarnation derived from the curse that an evil witch called Urxa put on those who burned her alive on the very spot where it now stands, more than four hundred years earlier, it not only heightens some around the tables scepticism, but also the young girls curiosity leading to a dire chain of events that will eventually affect them all.

And now someone has to stop Urxa. But who, and how? Perhaps that someone should look to the world that surrounds them for their answer, as there are many powerful forces that bind and shape our lives, but there is none more powerful than the one that will finally brings the witch down.

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The Still:
In order to prolong his addiction, a dying man makes a deal with an unusual late-night visitor... A young man discovers the hidden world that inhabits the swamp behind his house, a world where every fantasy can be a reality, but only for those who are willing to pay the ultimate price... A hit man takes on one last job before a much-needed vacation, only to discover that this seemingly routine hit just might be his last... A trucker develops an extreme case of insomnia after picking up an attractive young hitchhiker who is not what she appears to be...

For centuries, it has remained hidden deep in the heart of the Hockomock Swamp. The Native Americans called it "The Place Where Spirits Dwell"; a sacred place of untold terrors, where time itself stands still. Now its evil influence is spreading to the nearby town of Hevven, Massachusetts, corrupting all that it encounters, growing more powerful with each victim it taints. Soon, no one will be able to escape The Still...

Nine intertwining tales form a single terrifying portrait of madness, lust, revenge, and an evil as old as time itself.

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A Soul Worth Taking:
After a tragedy leaves Mike Moore in a vulnerable state, he is visited by two mysterious strangers. One stranger aims to lead him to the darkest depths of his soul, tempting him to take revenge for his loss. 

The other tries to save him from the clutches of Hell, helping him to rise above it. What transpires is one man's personal struggles between good and evil.

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