Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2013 Summer Fashion 101~!!

Summer fashion is upon us, and whether you keep up with the latest fashion trends on the runway or simply pick your favorites from the new collections at the mall, summer always seems to beckon for a new wardrobe. Summer tends to bring out the bold colors, graphics and designs in fashion, but many of us prefer our wardrobe toned down a little bit from what's shown on the runway. For all those fashionistas out there looking for some new ready to wear, here's a look at the trends for this summer and how to adjust them to your personal taste.

1. Get Graphic
The runway saw some bold graphic designs this summer. From prints inspired by stamps and bank notes to symmetrical swirls, the prints were speaking for themselves. To wear this look select a print you love and purchase it in a simple silhouette, such as a knee-length, form-fitting dress. Skip adding accessories as this will make the look too busy, and pull your hair back in your favorite pony tail.

2. Go Iridescent
Iridescent fabrics are bright, bold and can clash easily if worn with the wrong thing. If you would like to experiment with this fabric, start with a simple skirt paired with a neutral top. If you get brave, head to a party with a bold, solid-colored top. If you like stripes or color blocking, try a basic dress with one of the colors made with iridescent fabric.

3. Pencil Skirt
Pencil Skirts are big this season and with such a large variety in color, fabrics and texture, it doesn't have to be just for the office. Try a feminine, flirty pastel color with a lace overlay or a bold solid color combined with a complimentary top. Many dresses have also come out with the pencil skirt silhouette. Throw on your favorite pair of heels and some sunglasses and you will be ready for any occasion.

4. Go Neon
A nod to the colors of summer, neon pinks and yellows are hitting the store. Neons can be softened and balanced with sheer tops and neutral colors. Pair a neon yellow skirt with a flowy white top, or throw on a bold blazer with your trusty black skirt. There's no need for accessories with this look as the neon can stand on its own.

5. Wear White
Summer is the time to wear white, and the runway gave plenty of inspiration for this season. Try pairing some white jeans with a black belt and a sheer white top with a print underneath. The outfit will follow the trend without being boring or glaringly bright like a typical all-white ensemble. Of course a short white dress paired with some white booties or heels could be just as fabulous as well with or without accessories to add a pop of color.

6. Flowers
Flowers are back with a decidedly 60's feel. To wear this look, look for a flower print that are more like a cutout or clip art than an actual flower. Make sure the dress is knee-length or shorter and the colors aren't too overbearing. A white flower with a colored center would go nicely on a short dress with flats or heels.

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