Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#HASBRO ~ The Amazing Spider~Man Hero Mask

ARV ~ $9.99

The Amazing Spider~Man Hero Mask

Feel just like your web~slinging hero with this awesome SPIDER~MAN Hero Mask~!!  

It conceals your true identity as you imagine web~crawling adventures and battles against the forces of darkness.

Evil doesn't stand a chance when you're in your Hero Mask~!!

Mask adjusts to fit most head sizes for ages 5 through adult.

Odin McBam~Bam using his Spidey senses~!!

Playing with my inner child...lol

Li'l Miss Peaches'n'Cream knows how to battle evil~!!

Ms. Alarm flashing her Spidey Moves~!!

Ms. Not~Quite~Right showing her Spidey hand actions...

As you can see...the kids and I had a blast wearing the Spider~Man Hero Mask and tearing up the neighborhood with our antics~!!

The only drawback to the mask is keeping your hair from falling into the eye sections of the mask.  As you can see, we all have long hair and all but Ms. Alarm (who was fortunate to have had her hair in a ponytail) had the hair in their eyes.  So for safety reasons, if your child's hair is long, keep it tied back while they are playing, especially if its unsupervised.

Really and truly, I can see these being a GREAT mask to have for Hallowe'en...your child is able to see out of the eye holes perfectly, giving them a nice, wide area in which to view out of.  The mask sits very comfortably on your head, though the bridge inside the mask may hinder some younger folks as it can feel a bit claustrophobic.  The velcro straps are secure and the mask does not slide around on your head when moving.

Hasbro's The Amazing Spider~Man Hero Mask would make the PERFECT accessory to your child's crime fighting needs...putting it on gives your imagination a chance to play and you can't help but busting out all your best Spidey moves~!!

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