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#FREE Kindle eBooks ~ July 15~!!

I am very apologetic for missing out on yesterday's FREE eBook goodies...but I just HAD to get my wee tiny tots ready for camp...they shall be gone all week long...sigh...I am truly going to miss their energy forces circling around me...hehe  However, I have found these loverly gems for you to enjoy...have a groovy day~!!

Bones Beneath Our Feet by Michael Schein

BONES BENEATH OUR FEET is the heartbreaking historical epic story of the conquest of the Natives of Puget Sound by the “Boston” tribe. Focused on the period from 1844-1858, BONES BENEATH OUR FEET explodes with political intrigue, stormy intermarriage, tenderness and betrayal, misunderstanding and fear, sudden massacres, greed and sacrifice, trials of law and of spirit, warfare and martial law – all the richness and sorrow of life. This tragic tale resonates powerfully even today: though the gravestone of Chief Leschi, leader of the Native cause, reads: “LESCHI – Judicially Murdered Feb. 19, 1858,” in 2004 
Leschi’s name was cleared by a special Historical Court of Inquiry headed by the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court. This is not just a native story. It is the story of all Americans who live on this beautiful land – a story for all who are passionate about tolerance, dignity and liberty.

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Quest for the Silver Amulet by Jennifer DuBose

It’s been centuries since the evil Sorceress struck her fangs into the alliance, plunging the world into chaos. Long enough that she has become nothing more than a myth to most, but there are still those who watch for her return. When the alliance is again under attack, myth becomes reality once more. The map of legend resurfaces bringing with it the world’s only hope. Journey with thieves, captains, queens, and kings on the quest for the solar amulet.

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Melpomene's Tears by Jonas Hyde

Melpomene's Tears is a collection of romantic tragedy poems by Jonas Hyde. The collection includes the popular epic tragedies, Lament for Lady Beth and Seraph's Song: The Epic Fable of Sister Sera. It also includes the complete Moment with a Muse and Twilight's Star anthologies. In addition, the collection is then filled out by a series of other poems that will truly resonate with anyone who has felt heartache, pain, or loss. While most of us try to forget such emotions, understanding it on the intimate level presented by Jonas Hyde enables us to deal with our own anguish. As a bonus, each poem is briefly introduced by Hyde, giving additional insight into each work by the author himself. This read will truly change your life.

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I Am by Robin R. Rinke

The young, beautiful and intelligent widow, Julia Jacobs, suddenly and impossibly faces life without her husband, Jonathan, the only man she ever loved. A wounded Julia returns home to start her life over, embraced by her loving family. She is shocked by not just one, but two relationships that awaken new feelings of love. Through her grief and anger, she surrenders to God and trusts that His plans for her are good. She finds that all things are possible through the great “I AM,” perhaps even healing and new-found love.

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Delaplaine's Guide to San Francisco 2012 by Andrew Delaplaine

Comprehensive Guide to San Francisco (and the Napa / Sonoma wine country), with sections on lodging, restaurants, attractions, nightlife, shopping. Extensive coverage of the lively bar scene. 

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Vittorio's Runaway Bride by Kimberley Reeves

Logan Vittorio's life is torn apart when his bride of eight months desserts him without so much as a farewell note. Now he is on a mission to find Shelby and unravel the mystery that led to her hasty departure and to bring his runaway bride back home where she belongs.

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Unclouded Day by William Woodall

Brian Stone's life isn't easy. Abandoned by his father, abused by his alcoholic mother, and mocked by his classmates, his only treasures are his beloved little brother and his old guitar.

Then Brian finds a magical amulet in his attic, and things begin to change. Soon he has more power and wealth than he's ever dreamed of, and for a while all seems to be well.

But Brian has made a terrible mistake which may cost him everything, and his only hope is to seek out the Fountain at the Heart of the World, wherever that may be.

And if he fails, then it will mean the death of every person he loves, and maybe even his own. . .

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The Luck of the Irish (In Love) by Ginger Voight

A lonely, bitter waitress from New York finds a wee bit of Irish luck courtesy of a cranky Leprechaun. 

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The Curious Proposal for Prosperity, Nevada by Ellie Marrandette

How does one revive a dying town? That's the dilemma facing the small town of Prosperity, Nevada. Once a prosperous mining town, the silver ore has dried up and the residents are moving away toward a more productive future. To save itself from becoming a ghost town, its most influential residents come up with a unique plan. Will it be enough to save Prosperity? 

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Bloody Halloween:  An Akeldama Story by Ardy

A year before the Vampire Uprising a Halloween party turns deadly. Three bodies are found, all of them with wounds to the neck and all of them mysteriously missing much of their blood. Hidden Valley police officer Hector Ruiz is baffled and terrified, but his old friend Dave Reilly has a theory. Meanwhile, a girl finds herself face to face with a Vampire that was once her best friend. 

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