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#FREE Kindle eBooks ~ July 20~!!

Goodly groovy Friday to ya'll~!!  Have I got a bevvy of imaginations for you to peruse...delve into and enjoy~!!  And please remember to always keep the peaces~!!  :)

The Sword Master by I. J. Parker

In the streets of twelfth-century Kyoto, a homeless child is brutalized and left to die. Even the selfless physician who saves him cannot soften the boy’s hardened spirit. Angry at the world and those who killed his parents, Hachiro rejects kindness and resolves to become the most famous swordsman in the city in order to avenge his parents. But with fame comes trouble: every young fighter challenges him, three beautiful women want to own him, and the war between two powerful clans draws him onto the battlefield. He survives by his wits and skill, only to face a secret enemy, the man who caused his parents’ deaths and who now wants Hachiro’s life. 

THE SWORD MASTER is a savage and moving tale set against the panorama of the Heike Wars.

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The Reluctant Belsnickel of Opelt's Wood by Kathleen Valentine

When Father Nicholas Bauer becomes the pastor of St. Walburga's in a rural Pennsylvania Dutch community he makes it his mission to revive some of their Old World Traditions including Belsnickel. According to local legend, Belsnickel was an old man who lived in the woods and visited children on the evening of December 6th to see if they've been bad or good. He recruits his childhood friend Gretchen Fritz who owns a quilting shop called the Calico Cuckoo. Both of them grew up with Oliver Eberstark and Father Nick is determined to get Oliver to play Belsnickel for the local children. When they were young Oliver was a popular athlete and local heart-throb but now he is a recluse who lives alone at his grandfather's sawmill deep in Opelt's Wood. As the plans for Belsnickel and Christmas progress Father Nick hopes to understand what happened to Oliver and why he is now a hermit and Gretchen rediscovers why half the girls in town had crushes on him.

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Love in the Time of Dinosaurs of Constantinova Szeman

Love in the Time of Dinosaurs includes all Szeman's non-Holocaust poetry from 1983-2010. Many of the poems begin with a narrator's or character's questioning his expectations of life versus the reality s/he encounters. 

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A Vow to Keep by Kathleen Bosman

A Vow to Keep is a love story with a difference, set in Southern Africa. Alicia makes a vow to God to remain single to pursue her dream of becoming a missionary. When she takes up employment at Braedon's business, she tries to fight her growing feelings for him. Braedon cares for Alicia from the beginning and tries to win her heart, despite her dedication to her calling. When Alicia leaves for a mission in Lesotho, Braedon joins her when he sees the desperate need there. Will Alicia open up her heart to love and let go of her misconceptions and hurt from the past?

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A Cool Mom's Guide to Disney World's Magic Kingdom by Jennifer Hathaway

A Cool Mom's Guide to Disney World's Magic Kingdom is an in depth guide to maximizing your Magic Kingdom vacation. After many years of giving Disney World advice to friends and family I have been encouraged to share my secrets with all of you! 

Throughout A Cool Mom's Guide to Disney World's Magic Kingdom I will share details about each land within the Magic Kingdom. You will have every ounce of information for each ride including location, line queue tips, description, age appropriateness and a ton more. You will learn about the shops, restaurants, character locations etc. This book will not only help you learn about the Magic Kingdom but it will give you all the tips and tricks to achieve more than the other Magic Kingdom visitors!

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Instant Golf by Infinite Ideas

This handy little guide gives you everything you need to know about the basics of playing golf. It’ll help you improve your game off the tee, on the fairways and on the greens. It’s not meant to be a complete coaching course. Rather, it offers a range of tips and techniques for you to try out. For that’s the weird thing about the game of golf. There’s no right or wrong way to swing or grip your club, no right stance to take or way to position your ball. What works for one player (infuriatingly) probably won’t work for another. We can’t promise you’ll end up a Tiger (actually, you probably don’t want to be a Tiger), a Rory or a Phil, but we can promise that you’ll think about your game a little differently and as a result improve. Happy swinging!

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Leviathan by Albert Michaels and Michelle North

Leviathan: a super big, super deadly aerospace carrier a klick and a half long, boasting a crew of three hundred officers and five thousand enlisted. It’s a dangerous platform, but not just because of its weapons.

Suphora: a waterworld lightly sprinkled with land, where one billion intelligent monkeys who call themselves the Atlen, live. It’s best known for its continent-sized typhoons, like the one Leviathan is about to intersect.

Casdra Porens: Captain of Leviathan. Only Casdra’s steel-handed discipline keeps the sharks in her crew from engaging in a constant feeding frenzy.
The Nameless One: a ruthless cyborg without conscience or morals or even personal choice—he does what the chip in his head tells him. He’s on the hunt and he knows his quarry is on Leviathan, so that’s where he’s bound, even if it means boarding in the midst of a raging tempest!

Adrenne Horst: A woman who has found the man she wants in her life. Now she’s waiting for him to find her.

Offworlder Lordling Bi Li Shane: Witness to the messy terrorist-murder of his mother and father, and to the violent accidental death of his twin brother Charr Li, not two minutes later. Bi Li is young, only five years old, and the only other survivor of the terrorist attack on the newly arriving ambassadorial Li Shane family is fourteen-year old vassal Zilli, whose passion to protect his young lord oftentimes interferes with his good sense. 

Bi Li and Zilli hide away on Leviathan, not knowing that it’s about to leave port. And now that it’s at sea, Bi needs a real protector, and he needs one fast, because the ship’s crew can’t wait to have a little fun with an innocent five-year old. And, of course, the Nameless One is on his way, and the man-machine monster will stop at nothing, not even a little bitty super-typhoon, to hunt down and kill his last victim! 

Petty First Poul Athaton Hillers: A bitter, dark soul afflicted with periods of black depression. Though he’s the best petty first on Leviathan, he is hard to get along with, inflexible, and a very heavy-handed supervisor, demanding that his people give him their very best. And if they don’t give it, he’s not afraid to bust heads. He cares for nothing and no one…or so he pretends. 

However, he is about to get a very loud wake-up call. 

Because Fate will intervene in his life and force the care of one small, vulnerable, scared child on him, on a ship, at sea, in the middle of a furious super storm where there is no escaping your troubles. And in the middle of that powerful tempest, he and his Little Shipmate will find themselves entangled in a vicious fight for their lives while The Nameless One attempts to kill them both, and anyone who gets in the way!

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Who Got Liz Gardner by Elizabeth Allen

When Liz, a married financial advisor and mother of one, logs on to her high school website in an attempt to generate business leads, she inadvertently lands in a chat room made up of her male classmates (and former lovers) from 30 years before. There she witnesses a testosterone-laden discussion and a much unexpected question, "Does anyone know who got Liz Gardner?" The sheer irony that she would be a topic of this world wide circle jerk on her one and only visit catapults her into a graphic and relentless exploration of her life's journey--with all the erotic, tragic, and hilarious affairs, lessons, and detours that inevitably led to the one "who got her." 
Did she make the same desperate mistakes as her mother, or worse? Was she destined to become her mother?
Her journey takes her from Florida to New York to California with a spicy layover in Denver. She grows and evolves from dealings with divorced parents, abortion, love triangles, infidelity, confused intentions, homeless junkies, aliens, vegetarians, stalkers, past life lesbians, ghosts and angels. Oh, and men. Definitely men. 

Who Got Liz Gardner is a complete meal with flavors, textures and ingredients reminiscent of "50 Shades of Grey", and "Sex and the City" combined with a dash of "Fear of Flying". Readers who enjoy feasts of this caliber will want to indulge in this extraordinary repast and encourage others to take a taste! However, be warned - while some like it hot, this meal hits the top of the Scoville scale. Muy caliente!

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Which Self Are You?  by Astra Niedra

The Inner Critic and Inner Child are selves you might have heard about but did you know there are many other inner selves too? Maybe your Inner Perfectionist causes you frustration as you try to do everything perfectly and you find it difficult to complete a task and let it go? Or maybe you really can't be bothered doing things thoroughly and would like to tap into some perfectionistic energy? Maybe you're always a Responsible Parent and your Inner Rebel is dying to have a say in how you lead your life? Or maybe your Inner Pusher won't allow you to stop doing, and so you can't unwind and relax properly?

In Which Self Are You?, the latest book by Astra Niedra, one of the world's foremost teachers of the self-awareness and relationship healing system Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves, you'll meet the Pleaser, Perfectionist, Responsible Parent, Achiever, Seeker, Procrastinator, Adventurer, Princess, Creative, Rebel, and many more selves that inhabit the human psyche.

This overview of 45 selves will enhance your awareness of which selves are dominant in you, which selves you disown, and how they all affect your life experience.

Included is a comprehensive explanation of the Psychology of Selves, which has influenced many of today's leading teachers in the personal development movement, and is used increasingly in many other fields such as relationship counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, communication training, organisational transformation, sports coaching, performing and visual arts education, and in spiritual and consciousness work.

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Zombie Fever:  Malaysia Outbreak by B. M. Hodges

A young woman is cast in a reality TV show.
Zombies are running rampant.
The contestants race cars deep in the Zombie Quarantine Zone.
Who will become infected with zombie fever?
Who gets eaten by the zombie horde?
And most importantly, who wins the million dollar prize?

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15 Ways To Grow Your Business In Every Economy by Mary C. Kelly, PhD.

Wouldn't it be great to prosper all the time? Would you like to grow your business regardless of the economy? Do you want to be recession-proof?

In "15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Every Economy," a renowned economist, speaker and leadership expert Mary C. Kelly, PhD covers 15 ways to assist business owners in more effective marketing, enhanced productivity, and achieving greater profits all the time.

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Dark Seduction by Cheyenne McCray

Despite the fact that Tori Adams wants nothing better than to relax with a good beer alone in the local cop hangout, she meets Logan Savage who turns her world around. After an evening of cat and mouse, they end up spending one of the hottest weekends together that she’s ever experienced. He’s everything she could ever want in a man—in bed and out.

Tori is a freelance undercover agent for the Paranormal Intelligence Agency. The PIA is a highly secretive government agency that does whatever it takes to accomplish its missions, including black ops. Tori has special “talents” that make her one of the most sought-after assets in the underground world of espionage.

What she didn’t expect was Logan to be her next undercover assignment. He’s the owner of Savage Industries, one of the most respected private tech firms in the U.S.… And according to the PIA, he’s also one of the bad guys. The PIA reports he’s close to selling elite technology that his company has developed to a foreign faction. If he’s successful, that would prove extremely dangerous to the U.S. government as well as all governments around the world.

Logan fell hard for Tori, but she’s not returning his calls. It’s as if she’s disappeared. He begins spending time again with his ex-girlfriend, Carla. He finds her somehow different than she’s ever been and he’s drawn to her in ways he hadn’t before, despite his feelings for Tori. He only knew Tori for one weekend—one incredible weekend—but he still finds it hard to forget her despite Carla.

But his paranormal talents are telling him something is wrong… And he intends to find out exactly what that is.

Tori feels like she’s being ripped apart. Thanks to her abilities, she’s able to take the identity of Logan’s ex-girlfriend, Carla. Tori can’t help falling for him even harder than before.

He’s the enemy, she has to constantly remind herself.

It’s not long before her true identity is discovered. Logan feels betrayed but needs her to recover the technology that the PIA has stolen. Tori learns that things aren’t as they seem and soon she’s playing double agent and trying to recover what she’d been assigned to steal.

In a game of lies, betrayal, and high stakes, Tori and Logan are forced to work together and stop what is one of the most dangerous thefts ever to happen in the U.S. At the same time they must trust each other, and trust a love that rises from the ashes.

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Let's Go Camping by Nancy Streza

Pack for a camping trip in this level one reader from author Nancy Streza. Each page features a short sentence and a full-color photo. Rhymes and familiar words drive the story

Like all Discover Reading books from Xist Publishing, LET'S GO CAMPING has been optimized to work on all Kindle devices as well as Kindle Apps.

Get your kids reading this summer with LET'S GO CAMPING. Put the book on a phone or tablet and read while driving up to the mountains (or even while sitting around a campfire!)

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Time to Eat, Bunny!  by Brenda Ponnay



It's dinnertime but that doesn't mean that Bunny's ready to eat. Let the kids take charge in this book to make sure Bunny eats dinner.

Features 24 full-color illustrations and simple text. Perfect for picky eaters, beginning readers and toddlers.

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Let's Go To Sleep My Little Sheep by Casey Crayne

A ryhming bedtime story told in a poetic form. We have to get all our friends to bed from a little sheep to a green frog. Some want to sleep and other don't, but in the end they all get tucked into bed. 

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Jashandar's Wake by Lane Kyles

Two of the most unlikely heroes, Brine the disciple and Jaysh the woodsman find themselves battling unspeakable beasts for a taste of the peace that surpasseth all human understanding, the former for his God, the latter for his sanity. 

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The Ant Farm by Neil Hetzner

When Gene Almsson is forced into retirement after more than thirty years traveling the country helping the poultry industry, he finds it hard to go from advising wealthy people and earning their praise to doing dishes and finding ways to pass the time. He doesn't like his new life and he likes it even less when his daughter and one year old granddaughter move in. 

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