Monday, December 5, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey by Deborah Barnes

The Chronicles Of Zee & Zoey:  A Journey of the Extraordinarily Ordinary is a Literary Adventure.

Author, Deborah Barnes, chronicles her life and that of her cats via engaging and heart-warming stories.  Each chapter shared tells the journey of her cats and how they interact with everyone and their surroundings.

While there are many animals included in this story, it truly revolves around Zee, a huge male Maine Coon cat and Zoey, a highly-spirited Bengal female who bond together and share the show.

After a home renovation project, Zee becomes bored with his surroundings and aggressive with the other animals.  Deborah and Dan decide to adopt a Bengal female for Zee to have a companion.  What transgresses is a love that knows no bounds as the two become inseparable in their devotion to each other.

The reader shares the ups and the downs of keeping cats as companions.  They can be mischievious, devious, charming and loveable.  The story shared within these pages captures the life a of a cat in all its glorious detail and life.

I thought this was a enchanting read, filled with delight, laughter and sorrow.  I loved the characters of each of the cats and how the author shared them with the reader.  Oftentimes would could almost see the antics being shared and much giggling ensues after reading most of the passages found within.

I enjoyed the love gushing from the pages as the author conveys her special joy in the cat family.  I loved how each of the cats has their own personalities and the author captured them with great detail.  I've had a few remarkable cats in my lifetime and a few of the stories shared often lead me down a trip through memory lane.  Like my Bowser, he had six toes on each foot, could open doors, play fetch and loved to bring me some of the grossest things to show his "love" and "appreciation" for me, I am told it is an honour to have such gifts bestowed, but they always made me shriek, how I miss that boy of mine!

Each of the chapters are magical and descriptive and charming to read from front to cover.  I would give The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey a five out of five stars for being a perfect cat companion and this would make an excellent gift for the cat lover in your life.  Cats are truly hilarious creatures!

Combining a warm, humorous, and conversational style of writing with stunning photos and charming artwork, readers are immediately immersed into the world of Zee, a lovable male Maine Coon cat, and Zoey, a high-spirited female Bengal cat, as they share their amazing relationship and bond that formed between the two of them in The Chronicles of Zee & Zoey. What makes this story so compelling, is that I narrate the journey of the cats through the personal trials and tribulations of my own life. Readers will easily be able to relate to the many moments the I share and my spot on accuracy in understanding the many nuances of a cat is so realistic, one might think I was a cat myself!  You will be certain to smile and laugh on more than one occasion as you share this incredible journey with Zee and Zoey and learn the ultimate message they teach us - to embrace the ordinary in life and dare to make it extraordinary. 

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