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Day 13 ~ Holiday Gift Guide ~ SyncroHearts Board Game for Adults by Dr. Love

Imagine if you could enhance your relationship in less than one hour?

Dr. Love Discovers...
A Miracle Cure for Enhancing Relationships!

 ....It's not the little blue pill!

Syncrohearts Relationship Game guarantees...

Heart  Lots of love and laughter
Heart  Improved communication
Heart  More Fun "play time" together!
Heart  Harmony, happiness and a closer connection
Heart  Intimacy, romance and yes guys - great sex too!
Heart  Takes less than one hour to play, but has long loving lasting effects!

Warning: This game could cause you to fall in love all over again!

It is time to focus on what is really important in our lives; our relationships. Playing the "love game" makes it fun and easy to improve your relationship!

We all deserve more love, happiness and harmony in our relationships. Syncrohearts is a very unique relationship game that guarantees more fun, love and romance for you and your partner. It is not just another "sex game", it is a "love game" that will spice up your love life naturally. Syncrohearts was created with the intention of "improving relationships" through better communication, more intimacy and more "play time" together.

Special Offer: Buy 1 Syncrohearts Board Game and get 1 "7 Essential Steps to More Loving Relationships eBook" free!

Would you like more FUN and ROMANCE in your Relationship?
Think of Syncrohearts as the perfect "Date Night" for you and your partner.

 "Love is a game that two can play and both can win." ~ Eva Gabor

100% Money back Guarantee!

Try Syncrohearts Risk Free! Purchase your Syncrohearts game online today and try it for 30 days. If you do not experience more love and laughter in your relationship you can return it for a full refund.
Why are we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee? Because we know you are going to love our product and customer satisfaction is our goal!

ARV $39.95 CAD
My Thoughts~!!

Syncrohearts was an awesome game~!!  My husband and I shared a few great moments are we bared our souls to each other.  My husband and I do not seem to have any troubles communicating, but we enjoyed some of the topics of conversation.

It didn't take us very long to play, just over an hour and so we were able to play again.  We thought the rules were easy to understand and follow and had no interruptions in our game due to any mis-communication.

The board game is very nicely displayed and is the standard board game size.  There are hearts that overlay each other and the track follows around the hearts.  You roll the die and count out your squares and follow the directions pertaining to the card that corresponds with the square.

The cards were durable as is the game board but we weren't that impressed with the game pieces.  We felt that the girl/guy symbols in pink/blue would have made a better player pieces, and maybe if they were just a little bit bigger.  My husband's large hand had troubles picking the piece up at times.

We felt the suggestions were not x-rated nor crass and everything is done with love in mind and not sex.  This is a game of intimacy and sharing of yourselves in hopes of learning a little bit more.  It will have you kiss or massage your partner and well, if some things lead to other places, then so be it, but for the most part, Syncrohearts is a game for two people who are looking to strengthen and deepen their love.

This would make an excellent Christmas gift for your loved one, your relationship is worth it~!!

Now, we here at The Marsh and Dr. Love wish to give one of my lovey dovey readers a chance to win your OWN game of SyncroHearts to play with your intended or gift it to someone who you feel could use it~!!

Please enter via the Rafflecopter form below...I use Disqus for my comment box and it doesn't always load properly, you may have to refresh and if that STILL doesn't work, please email me at with your MANDATORY answer~!!

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