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Town Names From Nature

The naming process in general has taken a turn to nature, with many celebrities naming their children after fruits and plants and environmentally named and natured TV shows such as Green Planet making record breaking viewing results. This process has not been spared in the geographical sense and many towns across the world have had a touch of Mother Nature’s magic sprinkled over them. Here are a few of the most fun:


Flower named towns are by far the most popular with many countries across the world using a floral moniker. Australia can boast Daisy Hill in Victoria and Daisy Park in New South Wales. The infamous romantic bloom the rose has been used across the World such as the town: Roses in Loja in Ecuador. Rose has been used to name towns in Europe such as Rose in Splitsko-Dalmatinska, Croatia and Rose, Cosenza, Calabria in Italy. The Caribbean however, may have won on the rose front, this may be due to the tropical nature and bright good sunny weather in the areas where wild flowers are more likely to grow. In The Caribbean there is Roses, Long Island in the Bahamas, Rose Hill, Saint Peter in Barbados, Rose Hill, Saint Patrick in Grenada, La Rose, Nord in Haiti and Jamaica’s Rose Hill and Rose Valley.

There are more than just Roses though and USA seem to have the upper hand on other blooming names. Another flower classically famed for its symbolism and link to romance and infatuation is the Carnation. Towns named after this bloom can be found in Washington County, Oregon and King County, Washington.

The luxurious Orchid can be found in, Indian River County, Florida, St. Lucie County, Florida, Itasca County, Minnesota, DeKalb County, Missouri and Louisa County, Virginia.
The luscious is the name for other American towns in Hardee County, Florida, Laurel County, Kentucky and Day County, South Dakota.


The nature inspired naming does not stop with just flowers many places have been named after edible nature too! These are probably the result of the crops mostly grown in these towns: Cabbage Patch in California, Avocado in California and Potato Creek and Pumpkin Centre both found in South Dakota.


The USA seems to have saturated the fruity names for towns too with Strawberry in Arkansas, Grape Corner in New Hampshire, Cherry Hill in New Jersey and Grape Vine in Texas. There are two towns called Peach Bottom, one in Pennsylvania and the other in Virginia. When it comes to the fruity names, it’s more likely that the sound of the word was chosen as appose to the produce of the town.

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