Friday, August 10, 2012

5 Unusual Liquors from Around the World

Throughout human history, alcohol has had a variety of different functions. Historically, alcohol was a revered product that was used in religious ceremonies and used for its medicinal and antiseptic properties. Today, alcohol is still used in traditional religious ceremonies but is a common drink for social functions and to unwind during a long day. Alcohol is also a complement to gourmet food to enhance its taste.

Alcohol is prevalent in almost every culture in the world. And these cultural varieties have contributed to some of the strangest alcoholic beverages. Here is a look at five strange liquors from around the globe:

5. Baby Mouse Wine – Yes, you read right, that is baby mouse wine. Baby mouse wine is believed to have medicinal properties in Korean culture. This wine is made by drowning three-day old mice in rice moonshine. The brew is then allowed to ferment for up to one year before consumption. According to local belief, baby mouse wine is a cure-all for illnesses that involve the liver and the lungs. 

4. White Gold and Platinum Tequila – In 2006, tequila manufacturer Tequila Ley sold a single bottle of white gold and platinum tequila to a private collector in Mexico City. The price tag for this unusual bottle of tequila is a cool $225,000. The white gold and platinum tequila claimed the Guinness World Book of Records for most expensive alcoholic beverage. This tequila is made from six year-aged 100 percent agave liquid. For individuals who can’t plunk down the $225,000, Tequila Ley also offers the gold and platinum bottle for $150,000 and the silver and gold bottle for a mere $25,000. 

3. Bacon Vodka – We love vodka and we love bacon. But the two combined together makes for an unusual alcoholic beverage. Seattle-based company Black Rock Spirits came out with this porcine liquor which they call Bakon Vodka. Surprisingly, Bakon Vodka is quite good. This vodka captures the salty and peppery bacon profile while maintaining the crispness of a classic vodka. It seems Bakon Vodka would be interesting in a Bloody Mary. 

2. Pulque – This alcoholic beverage is one of the oldest in history. This ancient Aztec drink is made from the fermented sap of the maguey plant giving at a milky viscous consistency. In Mesoamerica, this was considered a sacred drink that was exclusive to only certain classes of people. Today, it is a secular drink that is enjoyed by most Mexicans. 

1. Yogurito – The Yogurito is truly a global drink. It is made in the Netherlands and bottled in France but it is marketed for Japanese tastes. This strange alcoholic beverage tastes, smells and looks like yogurt but is not made from yogurt. This sweet and thick beverage is either drunk alone or mixed with other tropical fruits such as mango or pineapple.

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  1. dear God in heaven....the perfect cure for alcoholism would be that baby mouse wine, i think! BLECHHH!

  2. Wow! I'm all for thinking outside the box and trying new things, but some of these me a little queasy just to imagine it. I think I'll stick with what I know on this one. lol


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